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Your dried flower specialist! is your dried flower specialist! Order and deliver dried flowers to surprise your beloved one or as a present for yourself. For the largest collection of dried flowers you have come to the right place at

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Dried flower bouquets

  • Sold out!

    Dried bouquet Blanchi Sauvage

    length of the bouquet 60 cm

    This beautiful bleached bouquet with black tones is an interplay of different types of bleached dried flowers with black colored dried flowers, wrapped in a…

  • Dried bouquet White

    Dry bouquet of 35 cm long

    Lovely white bouquet of dried flowers. This lovely white dry bouquet is nice to give to someone and will stay beautiful for months. The dried…

  • Sold out!

    Large dry bouquet Sofie

    Blue and white dried bouquet 60cm

    Dry bouquet Sofie is composed with beautiful white and blue dried flowers. The bouquet is up to 60 cm long and will remain beautiful for…

  • Sold out!

    Bouquet dried Sunrise

    60 cm long bouquet red and yellow

    Nice dried bouquet with beautiful yellow and red dried flowers such as the Achillea Parker. Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a…

Dried flowers

  • Dried Marcela Pink flowers

    Length bunch 35 cm

    Very fine flower buds Marcela in a pink color. Long, spindly stems with star-like flowers. Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a…

  • 15,90

    Delphinium is a natural flower that has been dried by an artisanal process so that your compositions last in time and decorate your interior and…

  • Spades Spears Palm light pink

    with a length of the stem of 40 cm

    Palm spears give dry creations just that little bit extra! This Palm Spear in the color light pink is sold per piece. The palm spear…

  • Sale!

    Babala bleached

    with a length of the stem of 70 cm
    Original price was: €1,29.Current price is: €1,10.

    These Babala bleached stems can be ordered per piece. The stem including the flask is 70 cm and the flask has a length of approximately…

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