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Your dried flower specialist! is your dried flower specialist! Order and deliver dried flowers to surprise your beloved one or as a present for yourself. For the largest collection of dried flowers you have come to the right place at

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Dried flower bouquets

  • Sold out!

    Dried flower bouquet large Multicolor

    Large bouquet 60 cm

    This brightly colored big dry bouquet brightens up every gloomy corner in the house! It has been carefully composed from dried flowers that have retained…

  • Dried bouquet Sunset

    Red and yellow dried bouquet 60 cm

    Dry bouquet Sunset is composed with beautiful dried flowers in yellow, orange and red tones. The bouquet will remain beautiful for months and so brighten…

  • Sold out!

    Dried flower bouquet Fantasia Yellow

    Bouquet Red 45 - 55 cm long

    Dried flower bouquet with yellow coloured and naturel dried flowers and grasses. Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a natural product. Every…

  • Sold out!

    Dry bouquet Pink Blush

    Length 60 cm

    Dry bouquet Pink Blush is 60 cm long. Romantic white with pink bouquet. It fits nicely in a narrow (bottle) vase of 20-30 cm high.…

Dried flowers

  • 9,50

    These very soft light brown plumes are great fun to use in a dried flower bouquet, the plumes are 20 to 25 cm long and…

  • Eucalyptus Stuartiana preserved

    bunch of 150 grams, length 65 cm

    The preserved Eucalyptus Stuartiana gives a beautiful natural character to dried flower creations or a dried flower bouquet. This Eucalyptus Stuartiana is preserved. The blade…

  • 2,29

    These large dried Chamaerops leaves are dyed yellow and have a wingspan of the Chamaerops leaf of 27 – 32 cm. The length of the…

  • 7,10

    Bunch of dried Indian corn in the color burnt orange. Kaffir wheat, coarse millet are other names for the Sorghum bicolor. The corn is…

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