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Your online florist! is your florist at home! Order and deliver flowers, dried flowers and plants online to surprise your beloved one or as a present for yourself. For the largest collection of dried flowers you have come to the right place at Fleur Supreme.

Product categories

Dried flower bouquets

  • Sale!

    Mixed bunch of natural dried flowers to create and style your own dried flower bouquet. Contains green and naturel flowers such as roses and wheat…

  • Dried flower bouquet Fantasia Milka

    Bouquet blue 45 - 55 cm long

    Dried flower bouquet with milka coloured and naturel dried flowers and grasses. Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a natural product. Every…

  • Dried bouquet Pink Market

    Driedflowers Pink 50 cm

    The dried flower bouquet includes dried roses, fragrant Lavender and pink Statice Limonium. Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a natural product.…

  • 32,95

    This brightly colored big dry bouquet brightens up every gloomy corner in the house! It has been carefully composed from dried flowers that have retained…

Dried flowers

  • 9,90

    Setaria is also called Needle or Cattail. Setaria is a genus from the grass family Poaceae. The name is derived from the Latin “Seta” which…

  • Sold out!

    Bunch of dried Amaranthus Caudatus red preserved

    bunch with a length of 80 cm

    The red dyed preserved or stabilized hanging Amaranthus Caudatus is dyed in the color dark red and is a very beautiful hanging flower that lets…

  • Sold out!

    Fluffy Reed grass plumes pale blue

    with a length of 70 cm

    These very soft pale blue plumes are very nice to use in a dried flower bouquet, the plumes are 20 to 25 cm long and…

  • 15,50

    Dried Gomphrena is commonly known as bulb amaranth of the plant family Amaranthaceae. The species is native to Central America. The round flowers are grown…

Flower Bouquets

  • Kim Medium Orange

    Orange bouquet 40 cm

    A nice compact bouquet with orange flowers. Roses and germinis are the main flowers in this beautiful bouquet. Trendy orange, composed of roses, gerberas,…

  • Bouquet Summertime White

    White bouquet 40 cm

    Compact white bouquet with rose, carnation, gerbera, chrysanthemum and leaf green. The name Summertime says it all: this bouquet with beautiful flowers in one color…

  • Bouquet Romance White

    Large bouquet 55 cm

    A beautiful, large bouquet with lisianthus and callas for the real flower lover. Bouquet Romance White is a luxurious bouquet, for the real flower…

  • Bouquet Kim Small mix

    Red, white and green bouquet

    A very compact bouquet with, white flowers. Roses and germinis are the main flowers in this beautiful bouquet. The Kim Small is a nice compact…

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