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Bouquets of Roses

You can easily order beautiful long large-flowered Roses and have the Roses delivered by Fleur Suprême by selecting one of the many options of Rose bouquets in the range of our Roses below and then you can select the desired number of Roses you want to order. We purchase our large-flowered long roses with a length of 70 cm with large flower buds. At Fleur Suprême you can also order Roses with a length of 60 cm, with as a rule slightly smaller flower buds than the long Roses with a length of 70 cm. All Rose bouquets are delivered in a flowers sleeve where you can choose from 9 different sleeves; 1. Sleeve Flowers pink, 2. Sleeve Flowers red, 3. Sleeve Flowers lavender, 4. Sleeve Flowers lime green, 5. Sleeve Flowers white frosted, 6. Paper sleeve light brown, 7. Sleeve Hearts red, 8. Sleeeve Hearts pink and 9. Black with transparent front. You can select the sleeve of your choice in the box sleeves at the top left of the sleeve by checking the box (the price of the sleeve is included in the price of the bouquet). Each Rose bouquet will contain cut flower food. You can select a gift card to your bouquet; the personal message you can specify in the in textbox to the right of the desired Rose bouquet.

At Fleur Suprême you can also add a nice sweet Romantic hug to your Rose order; these Romantic hugs are available in 3 sizes; a length of 23 cm, 33 cm and a big hug of 60 cm. By sending a nice sweet Romantic hug you immediately steal the heart of the person who receives the hug with the beautiful Roses.

The long roses that you order from Fleur Suprême are sent in a luxury gift box. This Roses box is very sturdy and looks very nice and is made of thick, plasticized shiny cardboard; really a wonderful gift to receive with of course the beautiful Roses that you have chosen.

If you have selected the Rose bouquet, click on the shopping cart and you will arrive on the order page where you can enter the address details of the person for whom you ordered the Rose bouquet. Fleur Suprême will then ensure that the person receives the Rose bouquet on the date specified by you.

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