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No-Waste DIY Dried Flower Box – Color


After the production of our dried bouquets, dried flowers always remain. A shame to let these, still usable, beautiful dried flowers disappear in the trash. These flowers get a second chance in the No-Waste DIY Box. In the box you will therefore find a collection of beautiful dried flowers that are, for example, too short, bent or unnecessary. You can use these flowers to get creative at home. Use them to make the most beautiful mini bouquets, your own flower wreath, a bell jar or, for example, to make candles with dried flowers.

Sold out!

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You will receive a box of 38 x 25 x 3 cm with a mix of colored dried flowers, grasses and plumes. The contents of each box are different. We strive to have as little waste as possible and to operate sustainably. This No-Waste box contributes to that.

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