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Dried Pampas grass bleached plumes XXL


You can order these long bleached Pampas grass plumes per Pampas plume. The length of the stem including the Pampas plume is 130 cm. The plume is nicely filled. These Pampas grass are bleached and have an ivory-like color and combine well with the beige and brown Pampas grass plumes, but of course also with the colored Pampas grass plumes. When the feathers sag they have a very nice decorative value and can also show off solo in a beautiful vase.

Sold out!

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Dried flowers, including Pampas grass plumes, are a natural product and may differ slightly from the dried Pampas grass plumes shown in the photo. Depending on the harvest, the pampas grass plumes can have either a little more volume or a little less than the photo of the pampas grass plumes because not every pampas grass plume is uniform to the other pampas grass plume.

Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a natural product. Every flower grows differently and the color and dimensions of the dried flowers you receive at home may therefore differ slightly from how they look in the photo on our website.

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