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Foxtail dried bleached orange


Setaria is also called Needle or Cattail. Setaria is a genus from the grass family Poaceae. The name is derived from the Latin “Seta” which means “hair or stubble” which refers to the bristly hair of this species’
The dried foxtail is a wild foliage, the natural color will bring to your compositions a fresh effect for timeless bouquets! The dried foxtail is wild foliage that has been naturally dried. The foxtail of natural color will be your asset to give volume and a little lightness to your compositions. This dried flower will marry perfectly in your bouquets whether they are dry or fresh for a natural and yet timeless effect!
We particularly like the cut and the shape of the dried foxtail, a slightly ruffled cut that will bring a lightness to your future compositions. Compose yourself your bouquets, enough to get singular creations that look like you. The dried foxtail of natural color will be perfect in your DIY, whether for making buttonholes, or even your bouquets! Place some stems of dried foxtail of natural color by mixing oats and some stems of Acroclinium or Nigelle, you will get a dry bouquet trendy country notes.
Also colored, the Setaria gives a beautiful natural tint to your dried flower bouquet or dried flower creation.

Sold out!

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Description of dried foxtail of bright orange color – color: bright orange – flower type: dried – bunch of 125gr, with about 70 stems – length: 65 cm – Flower length: between 10 and 20 cm approximately

Please keep in mind that dried flowers are basically a natural product. Every flower grows differently and the color and dimensions of the dried flowers you receive at home may therefore differ slightly from how they look in the photo on our website.

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