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Order Flowers

Order flowers online at Fleur Suprême

If you want to order flowers online, then you have come to the right place at Fleur Suprême. With us you not only have the choice of a wide range of flowers, but you are also guaranteed with a fresh guarantee. You can come to us for various beautiful bouquets, but also for mono flowers, roses and houseplants. Flowers not only make your day more beautiful, but also someone else's.

That's why you can easily order and have flowers delivered with Fleur Suprême. We have beautiful bunches of flowers or mixte flower bouquets that are suitable for every kind of occasion. At Fleur Suprême you can easily order them online while we ensure a fast and correct delivery to the address you want. If you want to order flowers online for a birthday, anniversary or just like that, leave it to Fleur Suprême. With us you are always assured of the most beautiful and fresh flowers.

Do you want to order flowers and have them delivered as a gift at home, that is also possible. Of course we deliver the flowers in a luxurious gift box and we provide it with a beautiful flower card with a personal message that you can put on it. If you want to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to your home, you can choose from the wide range of hand-tied bouquets from Fleur Suprême.

Order fresh flowers online

Nothing brightens our interior as a bunch of fresh flowers. Also as a gift or sign of friendship, flowers are suitable for every occasion. If you would like to surprise someone with a beautiful bunch of flowers, but do not have the time to buy them at a florist, Fleur Suprême will be happy to assist you.

With us you can easily order flowers online and have them delivered when you want. Of course you are assured of a large assortment of flowers, roses and plants that you can easily order online. In addition, Fleur Suprême also offers the possibility to have your bouquet provided with a flower card with text or another nice accessory. We are happy to deliver it for you. Order fresh flowers online Fleur Suprême is very simple at Fleur Suprême.

Choose from our wide range and pay securely online in our secure web shop. After your order is placed, we ensure that your fresh flowers are delivered at the right time and address. Of course we deliver our flowers with a fresh guarantee of at least 7 days. If you want to order flowers online and have them delivered to your home, have a look around the wide assortment of Fleur Suprême flowers.

When ordering flowers you will have the option to click on the desired delivery date via a calendar that is displayed when you click on it. The first hatched date is the first delivery option for the delivery of the flowers and of course you can also click on a later date to have the flowers delivered on that day.

Order Dried Flowers at Fleur Suprême

In addition to the assortment of fresh flowers, Fleur Suprême also supplies a very varied assortment of dried flowers. Dried flowers are completely trendy and with the range of different types of dried flowers and colors you can make the hippest dried flower creations you want. From exuberant hard colors to pastel colors and even dried flowers that are bleached and have an ivory color. You can vary endlessly with dried flowers; a beautiful high vase with Pampagras plumes in it, or a dried flower bouquet with beautiful dried panicles in the middle, various types of dried flowers that form layers such as Phalaris, Wheat, Delphinium and for volume at the bottom of the dried flower bouquet Statice Tatarica. Arrange the dried flowers differently and you have a whole new dried flower bouquet, or supplement it with the dried flowers that are available again, because unfortunately many varieties are only available for a short time due to availability in the season but certainly also the demand for them.

All dried flowers that are available have Fleur Suprême in stock and orders can be taken care of and packaged within 2 to 3 working days to then receive them at your home, at the office, in your store or catering establishment.

Fleur Suprême has all dried flowers available in stock under conditioned conditions and we can take care of and pack orders for you within 2 to 3 working days so that you can then receive them neatly at your home or at the office, in your store or catering establishment. Choosing beautiful combinations yourself and then arranging them is a very nice activity in itself and you can enjoy it for a very long time, because dried flowers are very long.