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Freshness Guarantee


Flowers and plants fresh from the source

sources and purchases the flowers and plants direct from selected growers. Every day the necessary flowers and plants arrive fresh at Thuisbloemist where the products are processed ready for shipment. We take great responsibility for the quality of our flowers and plants buy buying and processing them ourselves.

You are assured of the best quality flowers and plants at and therefore we can provide a freshness guarantee on flowers. Plants in general have a long shelf life when properly used as indicated on the -Advice for Maintenance- page, on the information provided on the ordering page and the information that comes with the plant, therefore Thuisbloemist does not give a guarantee on plants.

Freshness Guarantee on cut flowers

sends the flowers on water to supply the flowers under the best conditions at the consumer. The flowers have only water for the transport phase and should be given fresh water as quickly as possible upon receipt (by putting them in a vase or temporarily in a layer of water).

You must be able to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers as long as possible; guarantees a vase life of at least 7 days. Therefore the flowers has to be well cared. However, we can not take responsibility for bad conditions that would harm the development of the flowers. The life span depend on a numerous factors; temperature, draft, water and light are factors that affect the vase life. Our care page indicate the ideal care for flowers. Below you'll find some advices how to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.

First thing to do is unpacking the flowers as soon as possible and to place them in the vase, do this by;

- Cutting each stem diagonally with a clean sharp knife or sharp segatears scissors.
- Cut each stem off by around 3 cm at an angle of 45 degrees, as it exposes more stem surface area to the water.
- Remove the thorns of Roses as little as possible.
- Fill the (clean and sufficiently large) vase at least half full with cold tap water and add a drop chlorine.
- Then add the enclosed liquid flower food and stir this throughly with the water.
- Make sure there are no leaves hanging under the water, because they are going to blemish.

Do not place the flowers by a draft or next to, or above a heater. Add additional water every two days and check the water level in the vase each day. New fresh flowers can absorb so much water that you need to add additional water daily. It is possible that some of the flowers are still closed on arrival. This is due to the fact that they are very fresh when processed. After a few days the bouquet will bloom to it's full volume. Do keep this in mind when choosing the appropriate vase to place them in. The bouquet must be stable and have enough room to fully blossom. If some flowers have had their best time, but the rest of the flowers are still blooming? Just cut the flowers again and put them on fresh water, so you can enjoy the other flowers for a few more days.

In all cases, we remain attentive to answer your questions or help you in your choices.