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Aluminium wire thickness 2 mm length 60 meters


Aluminum Wire
Thickness: 2 mm Length: 60 meters
to use for: – The fastening of all kinds of materials – Give an extra touch to floral arrangements
Aluminum wire is a flexible wire to bend in a variety of shapes (a spiral shape, ring shape). For example, it can be used as for making jewelry, making a fruit basket or a bouquet holder. Aluminum wire is very decorative and is often used to pimp up, brighten or to give an additional touch to all types of flower arrangements such as table pieces, Christmas table pieces, Easter pieces etc. An additional effect you can get by sliding pearl over the aluminum wire. So you can create beautiful colored combinations.
Aluminum wire can also be used for finishing flower stems, a bouquet of flowers or decorating a single flower given on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Valentine or obtaining a diploma.

Sold out!

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