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Oasis® Bridy Lady


Bridy – Lady
Brand: Oasis® Size: diameter 8 cm Packed by 6 pieces
To use for: – Creating bridal bouquets, – Making shaped pendant / drop shaped (waterfall) flowerwork – Making round shaped (Biedermeier) flowerwork
Instructions: Put the Bridy on the water and let it soak up completely. Do not immerse! The handle may be either open or closed during the water intake.
If the bridal bouquet on the Bridy is ready, remove the lower part of the handle and place the Bridy in a vase filled with clean water. So the flowers can absorb water constantly. On the big day, place the lower part of the handle back.
Bridy Lady is a ready-made floral foam surface with a plastic handle can be unscrewed. Because the handle is detachable, the Bridy can also absorb water well as the bridal bouquet is made on the Bridy in advance.
Making a bridal bouquet itself can be done in two ways. The bridal bouquet can be put on wire, there it is necessary that you have some experience. Or, the faster and easier way is to make it in a Bridy. Here the stems of the flowers are inserted directly into the Bridy. When the bridal bouquet is hanging, then the longest flowers should be anchored by a wire to the Bridy.

Sold out!

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