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Oasis® car Rondella


Flattened hemisphere floral foam in plastic holder with suction cup brand Oasis®
Color: green – green container Diameter total: 20cm Sectional floral foam: 18 cm Total height: 12 cm Floral foam height: 9 cm
Oasis® car Rondella a round floral foam is in the form of a flattened hemisphere that is mounted on a plastic holder provided with a suction cup. The suction cup is made of soft plastic and therefore gives no scratches on the paintwork. The car Rondella is easy to attach or to remove by pulling out the side handles or pushing them in. The plastic cage around the floral foam gives extra strength around the inserted flowers. The car Rondella is very suitable for making car decorations on the occasion of a marriage or flower corso.

Sold out!

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