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Oasis® Eco garland on a strand of 10 meters


Garland consisting of floral foam cylinders (Oasis®), which are connected to each other in a network.
Type: Eco Garland Color: green Length: about 17 cm per cylinder (the floral foam itself is 13 cm, the grid on each side 2 cm) Cylinder diameter: 5 cm 60 cylinders in a sturdy nylon net
To use for: – The stabbing of living materials (cut flowers, foliage, etc.) – Retention of living materials (cut flowers, foliage, etc.)
Floral Foam brand Oasis® is a product which is made of synthetic material and is constructed so that it absorbs enough water, and holds and releases it back to the flowers. The floral foam garland comprises floral foam cylinders packed in a sturdy nylon net. The floral foam garland is very decorative for on the dining table, or to hang along windows, along door arches and fireplaces.

Sold out!

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