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Bouquet Kim Small mix


A very compact bouquet with, white flowers. Roses and germinis are the main flowers in this beautiful bouquet.
The Kim Small is a nice compact bouquet with a mix of flowers. Roses and germinis are among the flowers in this beautiful bouquet.

Large collection of (dried) flowers and plants
Fresh flowers and plants direct from grower
Flowers send on water, freshness guaranteed
Delivery within Europe, free shipping available
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The bouquet is about 40 centimeters high and therefore very suitable for, for example, the dining table. The bouquet will remain beautiful for at least 7-8 days.


To keep the bouquet beautiful for at least 7 to 8 days, you only need to do two things:
* the vase must be clean (add a drop of chlorine to the water if necessary)
* cuts all stems diagonally with a sharp knife. Add enough water in between.

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