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Bouquet Lush Serenity Nouvelle maison


You can add a floral gift card to your bouquet, by selecting below a floral gift card theme.The floral gift cards can be viewed on the page floral gift cards. The surcharge is listed in parentheses.
Note: The floral gift cards are in French.The personal message that you want on the floral gift card you can fill in the text box below.
Of course you can skip the floral gift card option.
Subsequently you can determine the size of the bouquet, by clicking Select this option: You have the choice between three bouquet sizes; – Standard Bouquet – Large Bouquet – Extra Large Bouquet
You can also select the bouquet sleeve by checking the box of choice
Then click on the shopping cart and your bouquet is put in order.

Sold out!

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Bouquet Lush Serenity
This beautiful lush blue and white bouquet with purple accents has a serene appearance; clear and calm but certainly a feast for the eyes and the bouquet has a long vase life because the flowers that are incorporated in this boouquet offer a long vase life.
The bouquet consists of beautiful white Lilies, trendy white Chrysanthemums, purple Lisianthus, blue Ageratum, blue Agapanthus, blue Trachelium, interspersed with large-flowered white Roses, white Germinis, white Gypsophila, white Alstroemeria and white Ornitogalum surrounded by beautiful foliage and palm leaves.
This serene bouquet with beautiful clear white, blue and purple flowers fits in almost any interior and can be given for all occasions.

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