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10 Chrysanthemums disbudded painted center


These beautiful single Chrysanthemums with a painted center you can order in multiple colors and number of stems.
You can choose between a bunch of 10 stems and 20 stems.
The indicated price is valid for a bunch of 10 Chrysanthemums.
If you want to recieve a bunch of 20 stems, you can select that option. The additional costs are indicated between the parentheses.

Sold out!

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The Chrysanthemum
Golden flower of happiness brings colour to your home The Chrysanthemum has already been loved for many centuries in China and Japan. Well deserved, as the ‘golden flower’ (‘chryso’ is gold in Greek and ‘anthemom’ is flower) brings warmth and colour, shines in every bouquet and is also long lasting.
Colours and shapes of the Chrysanthemum Originally the Chrysanthemum was yellow, but nowadays the flower is available in a wide colour palette. Colour your home with Chrysanthemums in warm golden yellow, bronze red or deep orange tints. Or you could choose tints such as white, pink or purple. In addition you also have a choice out of a range of varieties: spray, spider, pompon, single flower and santini Chrysanthemums.
Symbolism of the Chrysanthemum The Chrysanthemum originates from China and Japan and arrived in Europe around 1700. The Chrysanthemum has been popular for centuries in Asia, where it is a symbol of health and happiness. So you not only bring an endless range of colour into your home with the stylish Chrysanthemum, but also a large dose of happiness. It’s also lovely to give as a gift!
These are color-treated Chrysanthemums.The paint is absorbed by the stem andcolors the flowers. Several colors are available.
These are again disbudded Chrysanthemums where the side shoots are removed and remains one big flower.

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