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5 Cotton stems with 7 balls per stem in a fashionable vase


5 Cotton branches in a white vase nacre
Cotton branches with seven white cotton balls per branch deliverd in this white vase, the length of the cotton branches is ca. 60 – 65 cm delivered the vase with a diameter of the opening of 15 cm and in the middle 23 cm with a height of 45 cm with 5 Cotton branches with seven white balls.
These cotton branches you can use excellent as a decoration for in a store or in the living room. Cotton branches are dried and, therefore a very long time to use for decoration. Those Cotton branches in the turqoise vase is a beautiful decoration item in your home, store or at the office.
On the white cotton balls will come dust and can therefore become pale. You can refresh them by putting them in clean water rinse so that the bulbs will be rinsed and will be bright white again.

Sold out!

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