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2 colors Gladiolus per bunch (20 Gladiolus)


These beautiful Gladiolus you can order in a mixed bunch of two colors Gladiolus.
Select below the color mix that you wish to receive.
The indicated price is valid for two bunches Gladiolus of 10 stems (together 20 Gladiolus).

Sold out!

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Gladiolus To the cinema with the gladiolus (back row!) Grand and compelling, one can say that about the gladiolus. This hero likes to grow tall and will show you all its colours.
Colours and shapes The gladiolus stands out because the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem. It isn’t a delicate little flower and it likes to make a big statement in a vase. The flower is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream and multi-coloured.
Symbolism The gladiolus has an extremely heroic meaning. The name comes from the Latin ‘Gladius’, which means sword. The flower stands for power, victory and pride. Its meaning comes from Roman times, when the gladiators fought literally for death or gladioli. If a gladiator won, he was buried under a sea of gladioli.
Origin The summer flowering gladiolus comes originally from Africa, where people roasted and ate the flower bulbs. Your gladioli however, are not suitable for consumption.
Caring for the gladiolus – Gladioli have the following needs: – Place your flowers in water as quickly as possible after purchase. – Place the gladioli in a clean vase in tap water. – Cut 3 to 6cm diagonally off the bottom of the stems with a sharp knife. – Ensure that no leaves hang in the water. – Add more water to the vase every day. – Place the gladioli in a cool position and never too close to central heating, in a draught, in direct sunlight, or near fruit.

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