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Areca in a rattan basket

  • Areca in a rattan basket
  • Areca in a rattan basket

Areca in a rattan basket


Areca in a rattan basket

Just like a real protective angel, the Areca watches over your health. If you feel good, then the plant is
happy. This Areca is definitely the caring type. And what’s really great is that it asks little in return. 

The plant has been likened to a tropical bird. This is because of its spread of feathery leaves. This palm
is different from other sorts in that the stems come individually out of the ground, instead of shooting off
a thick stem. When the Areca is happy and healthy, it  develops new stems and grows in width. It then
takes on the image of a wide tropical display of feathers.

Natural habitat
The Areca can thank its natural habitat for it’s tropical imagery. It originates from the humid rain forests
of Madagascar, where it can be found in secluded places. Together with a range of other Palm varieties,
it forms in many places a dense jungle of beautiful green leaves.

Working hard for your health
Once the Areca has found its position in your home it will immediately start working hard for your health.
It removes poisonous elements in the air and simultaneously brings humidity into the atmosphere, by
evaporating the water it takes in. This enables you to enjoy a pure and refreshing air quality.
In exchange the plant requires a light position, but not direct sunlight. Also ensure that you
give the Areca regular water, so that the root never dries out. In exchange the plant will
make sure you feel nourished in beneficial surroundings.

This Areca is proposed in a rattan basket of 27 cm,
the height of the plant is 70 cm.

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