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Calathea Crocata in a black glass pot

  • Calathea Crocata in a black glass pot
  • Calathea Crocata in a black glass pot

Calathea Crocata in a black glass pot


Calathea Crocata in a black glass pot

The name Calathea was given in 1818 by G.T.W. Meyer and
comes from the Greek word Kalathos, which means basket or
hamper. It was probably chosen on account of Indians using
the long leaves to make baskets. Others think the name was
chosen because the flowers of some sorts protrude from a
basket-shaped flower head. Calathea was House Plant of
the Month in April 2009 at Bloemenbureau Holland.
Calathea has flowers that look like candles.

Tips for caring for the Calathea

The plant does not like direct sunlight and prefers a place
that is light and warm. Do not give the plant too much water
and allow the excess to drain away. Feeding the plant with
fertiliser every 14 days during the growing period is recommended.
A rest period of nine months will follow the 2nd flowering period of
2 months. Place the plant in a colder place with less light and keep it dry.
Normal care can be continued when new shoots have appeared followed
by the flowers.

This Calathea is proposed in a glass pot, the diameter of the pot is 14 cm,
the height of the plant is 40 cm.

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