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Bonsai in a ceramic scale


Bonsai in a ceramic scale
Caring for a Bonsai tree is not as hard as is commonly thought. However, as Bonsai trees are planted in small pots a few basic guidelines have to be followed when watering, fertilizing and repotting your trees.
This part of the website will give you detailed information about how to care for your trees; use the menu on your right to navigate through the Bonsai care pages, or check out some basics below.
Bonsai tree care basics Though Bonsai trees are a little more delicate compared to the average indoor plant, a few basic rules should enable anyone to take care of its tree properly. Most importantly are watering, fertilization and choosing the right position to place it.   Watering Bonsai How often Bonsai need to be watered depends on a wide range of factors, including species of tree, size and climate. Do not just water your tree every day, instead, monitor it carefully and water it once the soil gets slightly (but never completely) dry; it should be damp. When watering, do it thoroughly though.   Fertilization As Bonsai trees are generally placed in small pots regular fertilization is required in order to replenish nutrients that are essential to the tree. Using a special ‘Bonsai fertilizer’ can be convenient, but any fertilizer will do (be careful not to use too much though). Follow the instructions as stated on the fertilizer’s packaging regarding quantity and timing.   Position, temperature and sunlight Deciding on the right place to put your tree is crucial for its well-being. First make sure that indoor trees are placed in a warm environment; outdoor trees (although depending on species of trees) generally require much lower temperatures and should be placed outside. Next, most species of trees prefer a bright spot, normally with at least some direct sunlight.
The Bonsaï is proposed in a ceramic scale of 26 cm, the height of the plant is 38 cm.

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