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Hedera bow in a ceramic white pot with heart


Hedera bow in a ceramic white pot with heart
Location   Place your Ivy plant indoors and make certain it gets sufficient daylight. Be careful with the full light of the sun, especially at midday. Intense direct sunshine will cause the leaves to change colour and turn reddish-brown.
Water and nutrition  Never let the clod at the roots dry out. Start with adding some plant nutrition to your pouring water in early spring. Hedera is a quick grower and can use a little extra energy once in a while.
Temperature   Optimal temperature: not too warm, 15 to 22 degrees Celsius is perfect! We are required to inform you that the plant you have bought is intended for decoration, not for consumption.
The Hedera bow is proposed in a ceramic pot of 13 cm, the height of the plant is 40 cm.

Sold out!

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