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Lilies Asiatique in ceramic Palma rust


Lilies Asiatique in ceramic Palma rust
The Lilium belongs to the Liliaceae (Lily family). The Lilium is available with different coloured flowers. The plant can survive both indoors and out of doors (in certain seasons). The ideal temperature for this plant varies between 15 ºC and 20 ºC. Put the Lilium in a light position but avoid full sunlight. Make sure that roots of the Lilium do not get warmed, so do not place it above a source of warmth. Water the Lilium moderately, but water normally during growth and flowering. Make sure that the potting soil is continuously damp. Add a little fertiliser to the water every two weeks. You can keep the plant in good condition by cutting off the flowers after flowering so that the plant will flower again the following year.
The best tips for caring for your plant:
Good light, but no bright sunlight. Ideal temperature 15 – 20 ºC Keep damp, compost must not dry out. Remove dead heads of flowers. After flowering can be planted without pot in a sunny spot in the garden. Fragrant. Favourite plant for indoors and outdoors.
Select the color of your preference.
The diameter of the growingpot is 14 cm in a ceramic pot of 15 cm, the height of the plant is 40 cm.

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