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Neprolephis in a white hanging basket


Neprolephis in a white hanging basket
The Nephrolepis can be found in tropical and subtropical forests over the whole world and is a member of the Filices. More than ten thousand varieties of this family are known. One of the most well-known is the Nephrolepis. Better and better varieties are found for the consumer through selection. This dark-green variety has a more rigid leaf than other ferns, which makes it easier to keep. It also suffers less from yellowing leaves and its form is more compact. Place this plant a light spot indoors without too much direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is a room temperature of approximately 20º C. Do not move the Nephrolepis around from one spot to another and do not leave it in a draught. Water the plant regularly in the spring and summer. During that time, it should be fertilised once a fortnight. Keep the pot ball moist. In the autumn and winter, the plant will need less water and only needs to be fertilised once a month. However, the pot ball must still be kept moist during this period.
The best tips for caring for your plant:
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight. Ideal temperature 18 – 22 ºC. Water in the saucer/decorative pot.
Ideal bathroom plant.
The Neprolephis is proposed in a white hanging pot of 14 cm, the height of the plant is 45 cm.

Sold out!

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