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Phoenix Canariensis in the growing pot


The Canarian date palm (Phoenix canariensis) is a two-house high up to 18 m high tree with a stocky trunk with leaf scars and a dense crown with fifty to one hundred sprung leaves. The leaves are 5-6 m long, wide, short-stemmed and curved. The leaflets are green, sturdy, narrow-lance-shaped and V-shaped. The lower part leaves are often reduced and thorned. The middle part leaves are 40-50 cm long.
The palm can bloom from February to June. Young inflorescences are surrounded by a bract. The flowers are cream to yellow. The male flowers are close together in the axis of the male inflorescence. The female inflorescences are strongly branched and discolour during flowering from pale yellow to orange-red. The numerous fruits are closely packed in branched trusses. They are oblong-egg shaped, 1.5-2.3 cm long, slightly fleshy and mature from orange to dark reddish-brown. Unlike the fruits of the real date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), they are inedible.
The Canary date palm is endemic to the Canary Islands. Palms in their natural habitat have become rare. The plant grows faster and is less sensitive to cold than the real date palm and is therefore often planted as an ornamental plant throughout the Mediterranean.

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