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Pot Rose in a fissermans basket


Pot Rose in a fissermans basket
Love that lasts a long time   How many marriageproposals are not done with Roses? For centuries, the Rose is the symbol of love. And in sparkling red of course, because the word Rose comes from the Celtic word rhodd. Roses were always red, until growers were able to breed other colors and types. The existing variant nowadays is the pot Rose: The same romantic appeal as the cutflower, and nowadays extra long flowering in more colors, namely in pink, orange, yellow and white!    With a little attention – and love, of course – you keep the pot Rose a long time in good condition. Place the pot Rose in full sunlicht (but not on tropical days). Give often water, during the summer sometimes every day: The soil must not dry out. Just give 3 cm of water on the ground of the pot Rose and empty the flowerpot after a quarter. Give every two weeks a little fertilizer with the water.
If the pot Rose ceased blossoming? Cut the pot Rose untill 4 cm from the ground and put it in a bright spot in the garden.
The best tips for caring for your plant:
• Bright, sunny place. • Keep damp, compost must not dry out. • Temperature min 0 ° C • Temperature up to 30 ° C • 1x fertilize monthly. • Remove spent flowers. • Can the summer placed outside.
The Pot Rose is proposed in a fissermans basket of 25 cm, the height of the plant is 25 cm.

Sold out!

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