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Sansevieria in a rattan basket


Sansevieria in a rattan basket
Sansevieria will remain true to you for ever Its tough, sturdy swords point proudly up into the air. The Sansevieria is originally a desert dweller so it has learnt how to survive in the harshest of conditions that even a negligent plant owner couldn’t replicate. Two to three weeks without water won’t be a problem for this trustworthy desert prince. In fact, it even prefers that to having its roots constantly sit in damp soil.
If you fall for the desert prince, then you can also choose from different looks. There are green, yellowish-green, or grey-hued varieties; some have swords with a sharp point, others have curly leaves or let their leaves grow into a rosette shape. Regardless, one thing is certain: the Sansevieria shed its fuddy-duddy image years ago.
Healthy for the home  The long leaves cluster together so ingeniously that they are capable of extracting dirty particles from the air: dirty particles that you would find in any home, caused, for instance, by a printer or cigarette smoke. In return, the Sansevieria provides clean oxygen. But that’s not all: the desert prince also makes the air indoors air moist. And higher humidity is good for combatting dry eyes, dry skin and an itchy throat.  So besides being a thing of beauty, the Sansevieria is also healthy.
Spot: Prefers light. Full sun and full shadow are also fine. Water: Winter: scarcely. Spring & summer: once every two or three weeks. Fertiliser: Twice in the summer.
This Sanseveria is proposed in a rattan basket of 27 cm. The height of the plant is 70 cm.

Sold out!

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