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Vanda Orchid in a champagne glass vase


Vanda Orchid in a champagne glass vase
Nurturing the plant Nurturing a Vanda is different than nurturing other orchids. Give the tips for nurturing set out below and your customers will enjoy their beautiful Vanda orchid for years.
The Vanda thrives in normal room temperatures, between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius. With the right temperature and a lot of light the plant will grow actively the whole year through. 
A Vanda needs a lot of light in order to bloom. Avoid direct sunlight during summer: it may turn the leaves of the plant pale and light green. The leaves may also shrivel. A shortage of light will turn the leaves into a dark green colour. The plant will then stop flowering. When the flower opens its has to gain colour. Extra light during the flowering stage results in a beautiful bright flower colour. After ten days the flowers have grown to their full size.
Fill the vase with water twice a week during sunny, warm periods. During clouded and cool periods this needs to be done only once a week. When the vase is filled with water, the roots absorb the water like a sponge. After approximately thirty minutes bubbles cease to appear and the roots are saturated. Then remove the remaining water from the vase. The plant has now stocked enough water in its roots for the next few days.
Use a normal, balanced fertilizer for the Vanda. This can be purchased at the flower shop or garden centre. Add fertilizer to the water each month.
New flowering
Once the flowers have overblown, the flower branch can be cut out. 
After a couple of months, depending on the amount of daylight present, 
a new branch will appear.
Location Put the plant in a cool place for a couple of weeks in order to stimulate flowering. The temperature in this place should never be below 15 degrees Celsius. In between the Vanda should be watered normally: the plant does not have 
a rest period like other orchid varieties. There is no need to put it in a dark spot; leave the plant in a light location.
The Vanda is proposed in a champagne glass vase of 68 cm.

Sold out!

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