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Dried Stypa Penata purple


This small bunch of Stypa Penata or Feather Grass is dyed purple and can be perfectly processed in dried flower creations that are not too high or that spread wide. Many small tufts of these purple plumes can be processed from the bundle. The length of the panicles including the stems is 50 cm. Stipa Pennata is a type of sand grass native to Hungary and Slovakia. The lovely light feathered tips are so soft you can’t help but run your hand over them to make sure they are as soft as they look. These small clumps are about 50 cm long and weigh about 40 grams. Dried flowers are a natural product and may differ slightly from the dried flowers shown in the photo. Depending on the harvest, the dried flowers can have a little more volume or slightly less than the photo of the bunch of dried flowers shown, because not every bunch of dried flowers is uniform to the other bunch of dried flowers.

Sold out!

SKU: FSC-15188
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